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Craquelure is a pattern consisting of fine cracks on the surface of a material that are caused by drying, aging or intentionally created.

Craquelure on pieces of ceramics occurs in the glaze and is sometimes a wanted effect called Crackle or Crazing.

Craquelure formed on painted surfaces reveals information about the materials and methods employed by the artist.


Stratocumulus Viking Orbiter

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Stratocumulus clouds cover around twenty three percent of the earth’s oceans and about twelve percent of the earth’s continents. Some stratocumuliform and cumuliform clouds have been observed on most other planets in our solar system apart from Venus which to date appears to have neither.


On June 19th 1976 the Viking 1 orbiter was placed into orbit around the planet Mars after an eleven month journey aboard a Titan-Centaur launch vehicle. The orbiter went on to send over 57,000 images of Mars back to earth among which revealed evidence of cirrocumulus and stratocumulus clouds forming over the polar icecaps.


Information Colour Highway

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Multi Level Colour Connections observed on the Information Colour Highway.


Macro Photography of the pigmented intersections that decorate the coffee table top.


Surface Decoration at the Macro level highlights abstract connections of mycelium like threads of colour.

Macroscopic Abstract Surface Texture

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Abstract Macroscopic Surface Texture.

Kaleidoscopic detail emerging out of the fractal layers of the macroscopic natural world.

Endless organic pathways mapping out the inner surfaces of hidden landscapes deep within the natural world take on the appearance of sattelite imagery of vast sprawling citys of the future.


Organic Abstract Terrain

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Macro photography of terrain encountered on the South West of England coastal path walk, presented as abstract surface texture.

Some of the features that tie the terrain together are exposed weathered rock  and the flora and fauna that thrives in the salty air and wind swept landscapes.

The whole area is a vast natural habitat for British wildflowers including rare orchids and classic wildflowers including varietys of Primroses and Sea Pinks. Thriving amongst the rugged and breathtaking landscape are Adders and Slow Worms, Wild Ponys and Goats alongside an abundance of seabirds and birds of prey.