Archeology and Abstract Art

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Archeology and Abstract Art on the London Underground

London Underground photo

Down in the tube stations of the London Underground work continues to modernize, update and refit the ageing stations.
Alongside major structural work being carried out, a lot of the old style poster billboards are being removed to be replaced with digital advertising screens.
As the old bill boards get stripped out they reveal some beautiful and natural examples of collage and decollage that have taken many years to build up unseen by the millions of passing people during their journeys. Right now some of these amazing pieces are being unearthed for a brief moment berfore being lost forever….. never to be seen again.

London Underground photo
As there seems little chance of a preservation order being granted to some of these natural creations i have been capturing them with a camera whenever i discover them during journeys under the city.

London Underground photo


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