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Etching PressEtching PressEtching PressEtching PressEtching Press

On a visit to the Picasso museum in Malaga Spain i got to have a close look at the 19th Century printing press Piero and Aldo Crommelynck used to print some of Picasso’s work in Paris.

It appears to still be in good working order and is an amazing piece of engineering.


Printing Press

etching, printing press, printmaking

Printing Press.

The last few printing sessions have been over at a friends studio and the press i have been working on is a beauty.

It was manufactured by Hunter Penrose in U.K. The bed has an actual printing area of around 50cm/20′ wide and 75cm/30′ long. The entire press is made from steel with robust engineering and it feels like something thats built to last. Its up on a first floor and must have been quite an effort to install as each piece requires 2 people to lift because of the weight.

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