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Etching print

etching print

Building on my current multi-plate printing project this print involves using 8 seperate etched steel plates to complete the final piece.

The print is 10 inches x 8 inches     25cm x 20cm

First photograph shows the paper traped under the roller on the press just before i set up the 8th and final etched plate to complete the print. The second photograph is the finished print and the last photograph is a closer look at the completed piece.



Crommelynck Printing Press

etching, printing press, printmaking

Etching PressEtching PressEtching PressEtching PressEtching Press

On a visit to the Picasso museum in Malaga Spain i got to have a close look at the 19th Century printing press Piero and Aldo Crommelynck used to print some of Picasso’s work in Paris.

It appears to still be in good working order and is an amazing piece of engineering.